All people matter to God

Most people believe in God and the Bible, but bad experiences have left many feeling cynical and confused. We continue to re-think church so that it’s a place where you can ask questions about your doubts, a place where you can experience authentic relationships, and a place to embrace the fact that you matter. Regardless of your past and your faith tradition, Trinity United Methodist Church welcomes you to give church and God another try as we pursue Jesus in a different and real kind of way.

Our desire is to make God’s Kingdom a place you can reach out and touch, taste, see, and sense. We want to live the "Good News" wherever it is we find ourselves throughout the week. We seek to be good neighbors, good friends and good servants.

There are a lot of other places you could be, a lot of other things you could do on Sunday morning and still we ask that you give us a chance.  Trinity is a community of people who are willing to be real, to walk together, to support each other and to come together for a gathering that's anything but boring.

Join us this Sunday!
Pastor, Ron